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Heart of Baking connects customers to bakers worldwide. We help all bakers world wide build their businesses.

We provide the customer with a rating system, so they can indicate to others how well the baker does in customer service as well as baking product.

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Build a Baking Business

Web Page. List a free baker’s web page at and reap the benefits of group advertising.

The web page is free for you to use with your own customers. If locates a customer with an order for you, the price is $3 per referral. This is an inexpensive way to build your customer base.

Internet Search Performance. Each time your customers visit your web page at, the opening of your page adds to the total performance of the web site, which improves the internet search when customers are looking for bakers in your area. The more web pages on our site, the more exposure. Check the map at the top of this page to see our current bakers around the world.

Central Source for Bakers. Even if you have another web page, it is important to still have a web page at, so that when customers are looking for bakers, your company is not overlooked.

Afterall, with the joint use of by all our bakers and their customers, the chances are good that our site will rise to a higher internet search position.

Referral Team. is also a great tool for bakers. What a great way to build a referral system in your area than to search local bakers at

Everyone has their own specialties. If you don’t bake certain products in your area, you can refer the customers to other bakers at

You can make arrangements with other bakers to send you customers as well that they are not able to serve. Don’t consider other area bakers competition, consider them part of the village that needs to meet the needs of your area customers.