Art of Baking Meetup Group

Agenda (for date)

1. Introductions (one-minute each).  When new members are present ask individuals to explain their current baking skills, and their goals and interests that led them to the group.

2. Pass around sign in sheet, showing name and best way to contact each member; ie. email, text.

3. Treats are shared and recipes are passed out to the members.

4. First meeting:  discuss the goals and expectations of the meetup group.  Encourage members ideas.

5. Introduce the Heart of Baking website and how the lessons for the group can be accessed from this site.

6. Pass a laptop computer around and have each member complete a one-minute application for a free baker’s webpage to monitor their baking progress through pictures.

7. Share a business tip.  The first meeting business tip will be the showing of the web site (see 6 above).

8. Select volunteers for the next meeting; ie.

  a. Treat and recipe provider

  b. hostess (provides location)

  c. baking technique instructor

  d. who will bring a business tip to the meeting

  e. who will video the techniques for posting as the group desires

  f. discuss what supplies will be needed for the next project; don’t require people to bring them that don’t have them–they are welcome to share and/or watch.

9.  Discuss days and times meetings should occur to meet the needs of your group.  Make sure everyone checks their emails for details.  Make sure everyone has the address, date, and time of next meeting.

10. Work on baking technique (meeting details can be discussed while working on technique, as possible)

11. Close meeting