Art of Baking
Meetup Group Startup

We all give a little and get a lot through this group!

If you are not a professional or are a professional baker, this group concept is for you.  This is a group where new bakers can learn and improve their skills, and where professional bakers can find bakers interested in the classes they teach outside the scope of the group. 

If there’s not an Art of Baking meetup group in your area, don’t despair. There are bakers everywhere and those who definitely want to learn. Become your own facilitator of a group. I’ve listed the instructions below to help you get started:

1. Decide upon a name for your meetup group and setup an email account with that name.

2. Register your group by sending an email of intent to start and Art of Baking meetup group to List your meetup name, city, meetup email account, your name, and phone number.

3. Review the website. This is your tool to have successful meetings. Each class can be arranged based on the details listed on this site. Example: how to calculate pricing for your baked goods can be handled by the baking calculator under business services.

4. Decide when and where you would like to have your first meetup. I started in my home and the group rotated between houses, as volunteers indicated interest. I recommend meeting two times per month.

5. Place an advertisement for your meetup group on FB events and in FB marketplace. The link is found on the left side of your facebook home page (this is assuming you use facebook). I placed the ad under the multiple garage sale sites in my area under marketplace. Use the information at as an example when writing your advertisement.

6. Prepare your agenda (see example) for the meeting. Items of discussion should initially include: a. days and times meetings should occur to meet the needs of your group, b. volunteers for the next meeting; ie. Treat and recipe provider, hostess (provides location), and baking technique instructor, c. date and time of your next meeting, d. who will bring a business tip to the meeting, e. who will video the techniques.

7. Bake your favorite baked good recipe for the attendees to your meeting. Prepare a copy of your baked good item recipe to hand out at the meeting to your guests.

8. View for the technique you wish to teach at these meetings.

9. If you can, provide supplies for attendees to also participate in doing the technique for the first meeting. In the future, you can announce at your meeting and in your advertisements any supplies your members need to bring to the next meeting.

10. While at the meeting, ask everyone to sign up for a free baker’s web page to keep record of their progress within the group. The web page application is a one-minute application and can be found at

I think you can take it from here. If you have questions, please email Rolynda,