Avoiding Macaron Hollows

Q: Is it better to bake your macarons at a higher or lower heat? I have tried up to 310F and down to 285F and still keep getting hollows. My meringue and batter seem to be right so only thing I can think of is it’s my oven. I use conventional as I have tried using convection and my tops were always wrinkly no matter what temp I used. V. Vallejos, FB Macaron Resource and Info Group

1 - Avoiding Macaron Hollows
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A: Lower heat, but maybe (a little) longer. I bake my darker colors 12 minutes at 170°C, the lighter ones about 23 minutes at 130°C. A. Ruijs

A: I bake mine at 325, perfect every time. F. Hadi

A: It could also be your meringue – I found that once I’d slowed down the process of making my meringue, I stopped getting hollows. I also allow it to ball up about halfway up the inside of the whisk. K. Teskie