Butter Bleed

Q: This is a butter bleed, and it’s getting darker over time. How do I resolve this?

butter - Butter Bleed
Picture by Irosha Waas Hettiarachchi

A: (Patty Jett) I had butter bleed in the past when I used my dehydrator. I’m guessing it warmed the butter in the cookies enough to bleed into the icing. I have never used paper towels and don’t have trouble now. I use a fan to dry instead of dehydrator now.

A: (Kimberly Mace-Kimble) I’ve had this happen. I thought it was the frosting but later realized the butter was soaking into the frosting.I try to let my cookies air out 24 hours before frosting. I leave them on parchment paper so the excess butter absorbs.