Cookies Not Keeping Shape

How do you keep your cookies from losing their shape. Heart of Baking recommends using this recipe:

Here are some additional answers that were given on the FB Cookie Decorator’s Q & A Facebook Group:

Chill dough before cutting and then I chill another 10 minutes on the cookie sheet after cutting prior to baking. C. Colburn

Ok so there are a few major factors in this…• you need to use a recipe 2:1 butter to sugar ratio.• you need to let your dough chill in the fridge for at least a few hours, this allows for the butter to solidify. I let my dough rest in the fridge over night. Then when I am ready to roll i take it out and let it warm up just a little, maybe an hour, depending on where you live.• the biggest factor: when creaming your butter and sugar make sure you are only mixing them until they are JUST COMBINED. Do not over mix. When you mix sugar and butter together you are doing a process called “cutting” its when the sugar cuts into the sugar and created tiny pockets of air, this allows for a soft spreading dough.Another tip, work with your dough when it is cold, and once they are cut you can place your pans with the cut cookies in the freezer right before baking, cold dough is the KEY to not spreading. A. Walder

Trial and error. After years of struggle with cookie spreading I recently figured out what works for my climate and I don’t have any spread now. Remember to take into account where you live because that can have a big impact on spread. K.B. Hemmer

I read about using cornstarch on the cookies to help them keep shape. I go a step further and mix that with powdered sugar and use that mixture to roll them out instead of flour. Result: Crisply cut edges and no spread or rise. C.W. Lester