Cupcake Liners Pull Away

post - Cupcake Liners Pull Away

Q: Anyone know why cupcakes sometimes pull away from their wrappers? (Cindy Pearson)

A: Sometimes it’s the wrappers, sometimes you may have too much liquid in the batter. Try decreasing by a little bit 🙂 I’ve found it helps a lot. (Katelyn Friesema)

A: I’m pretty sure its the wrapper. I noticed if I used the more expensive thick wrappers they pull away from the cake because they are thick and rigid they don’t shrink with the baked goods. When I use the dollar store thinner cupcake wrappers this never happen. (Carousel Devera Ussher)

A: They never do this with my chocolate cake. Only vanilla and strawberry? So weird and irritating. (Cindy Pearson)

A: Overmix. (Karen Carnevale)

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