Lemon Swiss Buttercream Frosting


– 65 gr egg whites
– 130 gr granulated sugar
– 195 gr butter at room temperature
– pinch of salt
– Zest of 1 organic lemon
– Juice of 1 organic lemon


  1. Bring a small pot of water to a boil.
  2. Place egg whites, salt and sugar into a heat proof bowl. Stainless steel is light and safe.
  3. Whisk the whites & sugar mix over the boiling water.
  4. Pay attention to whisking the mixture when it starts getting hot, you don’t want to cook the eggs.
  5. Whisk the mixture until the temperature reaches 160F. This temperature is generally accepted to be able to kill salmonella in eggs.
  6. Pour the mixture into the Kitchenaid mixer and whisk on low with the balloon whisk, then turn it up to medium.
  7. Once the mixture is stiff and the bottom of the bowl is cool to the touch, stop mixer. Change the whisk attachment to the paddle attachment.
  8. Add butter a little bit at a time while beating with the paddle attachment at medium speed.
  9. The mixture might look curdled or separated for a while but keep mixing. It will all come together.
  10. Use a grater to zest the lemon. Add it into the buttercream and keep beating.
  11. Remove seeds from lemon. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into the buttercream in four parts and mix well each time. Every time you add the juice, it will look like it is not incorporating. This is normal since you are trying to bring an acid and fat together. Just add a little bit of juice at a time and keep beating, it will eventually come together. Once it does, you can add the next portion of the juice.
  12. Buttercream can be kept at room temperature until use within the same day.

• Organic lemons were used for zesting due to concerns with the pesticides and wax on non-organic lemon peels.

Recipe from Indulge with Mimi