Smooth Cake Tops

Q: Any Recommendations on How to Get A Smooth/Flat Top of The Cake When Frosting? I’ve Been Getting Smooth Sides of My Cakes But I’ve Been Struggling With The Top of My Cakes. D. Mitchell


  1. A metal bench scraper, chilled all butter buttercream, and patience. A. Wilson
  2. I saw a video where a woman uses playing cards because she feels she has better control. J. Sullivan
  3. Once you smooth the sides of the cake you will get a build up of icing along the edge of the top of the cake. Chill the cake in the fridge for 10 minutes and then take a sharp knife and slowly cut the excess off so you don’t need to smooth it on to the top of the cake! E. Compton
  4. Dip your bench scraper in super hot water then smooth. S.K. Joseph
  5. Upside down method.