cup 1 - Testimonials

“Wow! This is cool! (heartofbaking.com web site) Had no idea.” R. Stoddard 7/21/20

“Thank you soooooo much!!!! I’m very excited to be apart of the team!” -A. Marley 3/26/20

“Your website is a go to for me! Thank you for all your hard work that you put into it.” -L. Gamel 2/20/20

“Wow! Thank you so much!!! Now I have a webpage.. I’m so happy for the free webpage.. I really appreciate it!” -A. Isidto 9/21/19

“… I like the design of your blog post. That’s why I put the heart eyes” -La Tia, 9/8/19

“They (Heartofbaking.com) have some pretty cool things on the site, thanks a bunch (for sharing site)!” -Ebony Hodge 8/24/19

“What a terrific site, thanks for posting.” -Lynne S. 8/22/19

“It looks amazing!!!” (her webpage at heartofbaking.com) “Thank you so much. I’ll be looking into the upgrades and adding some smaller items to my menu as soon as possible.” -Aimee C.(8/20/19)

Thanks so much, this site has the potential to do great things for both bakers and customers! – Stacie B. (6/18/19)

I have been reading about your web pages for a while.  I am excited to be included in your site.  – Donna H. (6/17/19)

What a great little site this looks like! I just applied. – Stacie B. (6/16/19)

It is an awesome thing that you are doing.  I am so excited! – Donna S. (4/29/19)

Thank you so much! Really appreciate you! ❤️ I’ve been struggling trying to get a website together but I just haven’t had the time. – Sylvia P. (4/3/19)

Thanks so much you are making a difference. – Elise B. (3/6/19)

What a fabulous resource. I was just telling my husband that it would be fantastic to have an “Etsy” for home bakers and here it is! – Meridith C. (2/5/19)

I love this website platform.  I have been baking for over 25 years and am excited about the prospect of finding new clients. – Adrienne S. (1/25/19)


Today. If you want baked goods, you have to choose what is available to you through grocery stores or bakeries. Some may know a baker friend, but often times people ask around as to who can make a specific birthday cake or wedding cake.

Favorite Recipe. If you want your favorite recipe made, no store will do that for you. The goal is to get more people offering baked goods at a reasonable price, so customers can turn their business to local bakers.

Imagine. Imagine having your favorite baker make the breads and desserts you crave and have them delivered to your door, or agree to meet you at a place where you will already be.

Loved Ones. Customers can start buying baked goods and homemade candies for their loved ones. Think about sending your mom’s favorite home baked cookies across country, made with her favorite recipe. Think about sending baked goods instead of balloons or flowers or even gifts.

Ideas for gifts: military, nursing home patients, hospital patients, teachers, homeless people, family, friends, holidays, work events, business meetings, Christmas candies to college students, parties, congratulatory events, to people who are ill, funerals, graduations

Vision. The vision of the owner at Heart of Baking is to develop a method where individuals can buy home-baked goods and homemade candies on a daily basis. In a perfect world, some day, Heart of Baking will have enough bakers in each area to compete for a customer’s business. Through the scoring by customers of their products, their menus and price lists, and their pictures, customers can better choose bakers who meet their daily and special event needs.

Pampering. My vision is that when I’m really wanting some pumpkin cookies, and I don’t want to make them myself, I can send an order form and have them possibly delivered to my door, depending on what I’ve worked out with the baker of my choice.